🍁Forest Foxes Family🍁


Faces and Flower crone are hand embroidered. The body is made of linen/ cotton fabric.

The set includes: 
✨the crochet bonnet
✨the collar;
✨the hand knitted dress with embroidery;
✨the underwear skirt;
✨the crochet bag;
✨the socks;
✨the sling.

✨the crochet bonnet;
✨the hand knitted romper with embroidery;
✨the headband;
✨the scarf.

💚Mom approx: 34 cm (13,3"), daughter approx: 18 cm (7")
💚Removable clothes
💚Please allow 3-4 business days to ship 
💚Mailed using Russian Postal Service 
💚Prices are in USD